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Dr. Amanda Fessler, PsyD

Amanda FesslerDr. Amanda Fessler grew up in Naperville, Illinois and attended college at Northern Illinois University. Dr. Fessler received a Masters Degree and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University/Phoenix. She lived in Southern California for a year during her pre-doctoral internship. Her expertise is in the area of child and family therapy. While working with children and families, Dr. Fessler frequently worked with attorneys and GAL’s, consulting with them on her cases.  She has a great deal of experience dealing with children, understanding family dynamics and has worked with children in a variety of outpatient settings. She has worked with individuals with substance abuse issues, adults and also worked in an adult inpatient psychiatric hospital. Dr. Fessler’s work with children was primarily in helping children who were victims of severe abuse and neglect.

Dr. Fessler has worked as a paralegal for Lisa Fasano for over 6 years.  She enjoys helping children and families in many different ways.

Dr. Fessler lives in a suburb of Chicago with her fiancé and his two children. She enjoys yoga, meditation, reading, hiking, and has a love of animals.